Curtains can be a critical detail in the room. When hung correctly they can make a room like bigger and lighter. However, when hung incorrectly curtains can become oppressive and create a dark and sad atmosphere. These are some key pointers on how to hang curtains.


 1. Curtain height: It does not matter how big your window is, the longer your curtains the better. Ideally you should hang your curtains half-way between the ceiling and the top of your windowsill. However, if you would like to hang them even higher, go for it! As I said before height is encouraged. For a modern look hem the curtains just above the ground. For a more rustic, romantic look go for curtains that are too long and pool on the ground dramatically. Curtains that are too short makes it look like you are preparing for a flood and that’s just sad.

2. Rod Width: When deciding how wide the rod you will be hanging your curtains off should be it is crucial that you make the rod wide enough so the inner edges of the curtain cover the window frame and not the the glass when the curtains are open. If the rod is too short the curtains will cover the window when they are open, hindering light from entering the room, creating a dark atmosphere. We want light, as much light as we can get, so use wide rods.

3. Amount of material: When it comes to how wide you should make the panels of your curtains, we recommend the combined width of the curtain panels to be 2 to 2.5 times the width of the window. This ensures that when the curtains are closed they look full and voluminous, rather than looking skimpy and resting flatly against the window panes.