Terms And Conditions Of Rental Contract

  • The minimum rental period for furniture and accessories is one month, which can be renewed for a period of a month at time, if both of the parties are in agreement.
  • If the actual rental time is less than the contracted period, the renter is obligated to pay the cost difference between the actual rental period and the contracted period.
  • The rental price varies depending on the length of the rental period; the monthly costs decrease with a longer rental period.
  • The renter is obligated to return the furniture and accessories at the end of the contracted rental period in the same condition as it was received. Normal wear and tear will be taken into account.
  • If the renter does not return the furniture and accessories within the terms of the contracted rental period, they will pay the equivalent of a period of 30 days of rental costs until the items are returned in good condition. The cost of transport for the delivery and return of the furniture is the financial responsibility of the renter.
  • The renter is obligated to pay a guarantee equal to the sum of the first month’s rental, without IVA, which Casa Cozy will return to the renter within 48 hours of the return of the furniture and accessories in good condition. If there are damages incurred, the cost of repair or replacement
    will be taken from the warranty.
  • The cost of laundry for all bedding and towels is considered in the rental price.
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