By Carmen Verdeyen

As the Olympics is the topic on everyone’s mouth, why not have an Olympic themed party for your kids and all their friends. I am sure it will be an unforgettable event that they will all love and remember for years to come. Here are some fun ideas to make the event a great success.

  • The games: as this is an Olympic themed party there have to be some games in which the kids, and adults are welcome to join of course, can participate in. Here are some fun ideas of games the kids will love. The first game is the ring toss. Create rings by cutting the middle out of paper plates and paint them fun colours. Then create the poles, around which to throw the rings, using toilet paper rolls. The next game can be the potato sack race. It is a classic but is so much fun. You can mix it up a little by doing potato sack relays. Create a balance beam with a plank of wood and prop it up with 2 bricks. Have the kids take turns walking over it and if they feel adventurous maybe even do a jump or two. Another really fun game is balloon tennis. As the name indicates the balloon is the ball and then use fly swatters as rackets. You can improvise a net but it is not really necessary as you can just play the game trying to keep the balloon of the ground.











  • Food: Every good party has food. Here are some ideas on how to create fun Olympic themed snacks. First up are cupcakes. Make cupcakes and decorate them with frosting of different colours. Use fruit loops or MnMs to create the Olympic rings on top of the cupcakes. Another fun idea are medal cookies. Make round cookies with a hole through them, through which you can thread a band so that the kids can wear the cookie medals and feel super proud. Another idea is torch popcorn cones. Use gold paper and wrap them into cones, then fill the cones with popcorn. Place orange and yellow food colouring on the popcorn to make the cones look even more like the lit Olympic torch.

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  • Arts and crafts: There are many fun Olympic themed arts and crafts to be done. First of all you could assign each kid a country and have them paint their countries flag on a rock. Another fun idea is making medals out of clay. Once the clay is dry you can spray paint the medals with gold so they look super real. Another idea is to make laurel crowns. Use green paper and cut out a whole bunch of leaves. Them paste them on a band that fits around the kids head and there you go. A true Olympic crown.

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These are just a few of fun ideas on how to throw a fun and memorable Olympics kid party, there are many more ideas out there so be creative and feel free to come up with your own games and activities. The most important thing at this sort of party however is to make sure all the kids feel included. I little competition is fine but at the end of the day all the kids should receive medals and feel like winners. Happy Olympics!