By: Carmen Verdeyen

Wooden floors are very common in many households. This is because they are simply a classic. Not only are they timeless, but they are also easy to clean and simply work in almost any household, regardless of the home’s architecture or design scheme. Let’s take a look at some ways to incorporate beautiful wooden floors into your home.


    • Patterns: When flooring your home, you don’t need to fall back on the classic parquet found in most households, thought it is a classic and generally does look good. Have fun with the wooden planks and create all sorts of patterns. Slant the planks, create a zig zag or even make a mosaic with pieces of different types of wood. Each pattern creates a unique effect in the space where it is being implemented. Find what works for your home and don’t hesitate to get a bit creative.









  • Type of wood: There are many different types of wood and each type has its own distinct colour and characteristics. A light wood is better in a more modern home that predominantly exhibits shades of white. A darker wood is nice for a more classic, antique style home. At the end of the day the choice of wood is yours to make based on your taste, the colour scheme of your home and unfortunately also the price. Many woods can be quite expensive so as an alternative you might look to buy a fake wood or cheaper wood and have it varnished to look like a more expensive type of floor.


  •  6a32c2a4ad0ec060d6bd6b40bf32a4fbSize: The size of the planks can also vary significantly. Do you want a fine pattern on your floor with thin planks? Or would you rather a wider plank that allows for more natural texture of the wood to be showcased?










  • 0ecc746ee6a2a83c25ea1574bab5939dMix and match: As previously mentioned you can mix and match different types of wood. However, you can also mix and match wood with other materials. Some combinations include wood and tiles, wood and concrete and even wood and bricks. Add different materials to create a varied colour scheme in your home and to steer away from the traditional wooden parquet floors (not that there is anything wrong with them).










    • Wooden walls: I know we are talking about floors here but while I’m at it why not mention that wooden planks can also be used to decorate walls. This can be done in literally any part of the house; the kitchen, living room, dinning room, bedroom and even bathroom. You don’t even need to cover the whole wall to create a cool effect. Again, using distinct types of woods and creating wooden mosaics could really look impressive on your walls. A cheap alternative to this is to by wallpaper that looks like wood. You can find very realistic looking wallpapers that are much cheaper than using actual wood to decorate your walls.