Part of living in Chile is celebrating their national independence day in its full glory. Yes, this means putting up the national flag in your home (even if you aren’t even remotely Chilean), embracing the fondas and dancing the cueca in the national huaso and huasa outfits. Organize a big asado and invite all your friends to celebrate all the wonderful aspects of Chilean culture. Here are some fun party ideas for kids and adults, with some modifications depending on which guests you want to include.


Food: You can’t have a 18 celebration without food, now that would be a crime. Let’s start with the most obvious, the asado (bbq). The best way to have a Chilean asado is by throwing as much meat as possible on the grill. You cannot forget the choripanes, an absolute classic, and of course the anticuchos. You might also want to add a big piece of lomo or filete depending on the number of people you are intending to feed. Don’t worry about making too much food though, having leftovers is a key part of the asado. For starts or the “picoteo” you can have mini empanadas (home made is ideal but store bought ones are pretty good too) and of course you have to include the pan amasado (preferably warm) with pebre. For dessert anything that has manjar in it will pretty much do. This includes alfajores, torta mil hojas and pretty much anything else that is overly sweet and creamy. Sopaipillas can also be a fun addition.



Drinks: You can’t have a party without drinks, well if it is a grown up party of course. There are several drinks that are perfect for celebrating the Chilean culture. The most obvious choice is of course Pisco Sour. Another fun cocktail, named after the many quakes the country feels (and probably how you will feel he next day) is the terremoto, a classic 18 drink. Then of course there is the abundant selection of Chilean wines.






Games: The best way to make your fiestas patrias party exceptional is by including some of the following games. First up is a cueca dance off. Include everyone, adults and kids alike. Extra points for bringing you’re flirting A game during the zapateo and floreo chico. Costumes encouraged. Another fun game is to do a kite decorating competition, again everyone is encouraged to participate. Next is a trompo, embocque and palo ensebado competitions. Also just fun games to have lying around and people can try at their own leisure. A trivia about all things Chile is also an excellent activity. Can also be turned into a drinking game if so desired.



18-septiembre-2015-asado-chile-empanada-cherrytomate-11Decorations: To truly get in the spirit there must be decorations. Definitely not a hard one. Go to any supermarket and you will find plenty of banners, flag and a whole range of other decorations all showing of the blue red and white national colours.






Lastly, if you are not feeling up to hosting a party find a fonda somewhere and go with your friends. Also a perfect way to celebrate the holiday. Enjoy and viva Chile!