1. Upholstered headboards: These can be made at home or bought in the store but either way look amazing! You can pick any size and any material you want to match the colour scheme and style of your bedroom perfectly. Some suggestions are using leather or even patterned materials.
  2. Replace the headboard with a big poster or painting on the wall: Nothing gives more depth to a room than a landscape painted on the wall.
  3. Use shelves as your headboard: This is a very handy solution to put in some extra storage space in your bedroom and on top of that it allows you to split the room into different parts if you want to.
  4. Wooden art frame: Hang a wooden frame, carved into beautiful designs above your bed. It looks authentic, unique and beautiful and really makes the room look special. You can use any type of wood and can even paint the wood white for example, so it matches the rest of your interior.
  5. Wooden planks: Attach wooden planks to the wall in a variety of arrangements. Again you can use any type and size of wood you like. You can go for a polished look, or a more rustic one depending on what your style preferences are.
  6. No headboard: Your bedroom doesn’t need a headboard to look decorated. You can hang a print or a painting above your wall instead. You can choose to go with one big work of art or a collage of various smaller pieces, all framed (you can choose to all frame them the same way or differently) and hung in a symmetric or scattered manner. That is a decision for you to make.