Even though we grow up there are some dreams that stick with us. Here is how to make some of your childhood dream gadgets and features actually work in your home. Not only will the kids love you for it, your home will be very original and most importantly fun!


  1. Slide: The First feature is having slides! How fun would it be if the phone was ringing down stairs and you could just slide down in a matter of seconds to pick it up, rather than having to carefully walk down the stairs. So not only are slides fun but they are practical too. There are a variety of places you can put the slide and also types of slides. You can make a slide from the upstairs balcony to the pool (fun even for adults), a slide from upstairs to downstairs, from your kids bunk bed to the floor or anywhere else where you see fit. The slides can be closed, open, straight, bendy, colourful, metal, anything you wish. Bonus points for having it match your interior.









2. Swings: Swings are great fun. These can literally be implemented anywhere in the house. This could be your new desk chair, can replace your dinning room chairs or the kitchen stools around the counter, can be used to create day beds outside next to the pool, and my favourite, you can create a whole bunch of swings around a fire pit (ideal for summer night). Swings are an original way to steer away from traditional seating. Also feel free to be original with your swing design. The possibilities are endless.






3. Trampoline: Trampolines are fun in themselves, however their location can make them a whole lot more exciting. Just think trampoline next to the pool. Any kids dream! A trampoline built in to the floor of your child’s bedroom so they can quite literally jump into bed. Getting them to go to bed will no longer be a struggle.



4. The big screen: A big screen movie room is a fun home feature for all family members. The traditional movie room is fun but for summer you could potentially get rid of the room part and have outside movie nights. Sit around the fire pit and watch a horror movie, or even more fun, get inflatable mattresses and lie in the pool while watching rom coms.









5. What is cooler than having nets hanging across the ceiling, which you can lie down in and read a book. Warning not for you if you are scared of heights. An original way to make a reading ‘corner’ and add an extra dimension to your home.











6. Climbing wall: A climbing wall is a fun, easy feature to implement inside or outside of the house. Just find a large enough wall and install the climbing wall. Fun for adults and children. Make sure you follow safety procedures!






With those ideas in mind I think it is fair to say you will have more fun than ever designing and living in your home.