There is nothing better than getting home after a long day at work and taking a long relaxing bath. Turn on calm music, light some scented candles, grab a glass of wine and maybe even a piece of dark chocolate. What more could you want? Here are six bathroom designs that will only enhance your experience and make you truly feel like you’re in heaven.

1. The Stand-Alone Tub

This piece is an absolute classic. However, it is not all about the tub itself. It is essential to have a bathroom interior to match the sleek and modern design of these bathtubs. For a streamlined and natural look, design your bathroom to incorporate light materials, ideally natural ones like wood and stone. This will give your bathroom a stylish yet relaxing vibe to it. Ideal for unwinding.

2. The Built-in Bathtub

Make your home bathtub feel like it is a Jacuzzi in a fancy spa by having it built into the bathroom. Build a wooden deck around your tub and place it near a window so you can gaze outside while you drink that well-deserved glass of wine. Of course having jets to enable Jacuzzi mode is essential.

3. The Outside Tub

Even better than placing your tub near a window to be able to look outside, is actually placing the entire bathtub outside. There is absolutely nothing more relaxing than enjoying a beautiful view while bathing.

4. The Hanging Tub

Do you enjoy lying in hammocks, as well as taking baths? Well now you can do both at the same time! Imagine that! This hanging bathtub is the perfect shape to lie back and unwind.

5. The Natural Tub

This is probably one of the harder bathtubs to recreate in your home, but who knows you might have the perfect backyard for it. What better way to be one with nature than to literally bathe in it? Enjoy the silence and the birds and truly remove yourself from the hustle and bustle from society.

6. The Green Tub

If you can’t place your bathtub outside, bring the the outside inside. Fill your bathroom with plants and vines for a truly green look. Convert your bathroom into a green house of leisure.