When it comes to being productive, the design of your office space and desk is actually very important. Creating a stimulating and comfortable as well as inspiring working environment is the key to success. Here are 5 tips on how to optimise your office space.


  1. Natural Light: Light is an essential part of any room, but it is especially important in an office. Natural light makes you feel less trapped and also helps your eyes, preventing strain headaches. Ideally the window will be located towards the side of your desk so you have sufficient light and are able to look outside once in a while. Having the window directly behind the desk is not optimum as it can cause you to be easily distracted.
  2. Music: Playing music in your office can create ambience in the room that makes you feel at ease and promotes a steady and rhythmic work flow. If you have an office to yourself, I recommend using little speakers you can place on a shelf in your office. Ideally the speaker should not be placed on your desk but elsewhere in the room to ensure the music is background noise and wont distract you.
  3. Colour: A touch of colour here and there promotes creativity and can create a calming effect. The trick is to have a balance in colour. Too much can create a busy effect and be distracting while too little can be bland and boring. A coloured wall or bright decorations are the best way to go.
  4. Plants: Unfortunately we cant be outside in nature all the time, so why not bring nature to you? Place a nice plant on your desk and decorate your office with hanging pot plants. Plants look pretty and on top of that they filter the air. Two for one benefit!
  5. Standing desk: Sitting for hours at a time can make you feel tired and drowsy. Hence incorporating an adjustable desk is the ideal solution. When you feel like sitting lower the desk. Make sure you have a good office chair that encourages a good posture. When you are starting to feel tired, move the chair to the side and lift the desk so you can work standing up. Standing promotes blood flow through the body and will increase concentration and attention.